The "Brasserie du Bocq" - Brewery

"A beer brewed with knowledge should be tasted with wisdom" - Arnoldus

Brasserie du Bocq, set up in 1858 by Martin BELOT, still a 100% family concern, remains one of the last traditional Belgian breweries.
Located in the heart of the Condroz, wonderful tourist region, this dynamic company still uses the traditional manufacturing process of top-fermentation beers with secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Today, the sixth generation of the Belot family is leading the destinies of Brasserie du Bocq and looks forward to the future with confidence.

Some figures to better identify the brewery :
Sales figures : 6.250.000 €
Annual production : 60.000 hl.
Number of employees : 45

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Brasserie du Bocq s.a.
Tel. : +32 (0) 82 / 61.07.90
Fax : +32 (0) 82 / 61.17.80
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Come and discover, at the gates of the Ardennes, in a marvellous small touristic village in the valley of the Bocq, the tradition of a brewery founded in 1858 by the Belot family. Guided tours are organized by professional guides and followed by a taste of the products of Brasserie du Bocq.


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