The provincial domain of Chevetogne

The provincial Domain of Chevetogne is a wooded and hilly area of about 500 Ha which is situated in the heart of the Province of Namur 8 Km from Rochefort

Domaine provincial Valéry Cousin
5590 Chevetogne
Tél.: 083/68.72.11  -  Fax: 083/68.86.77

  From the castle to the landscape ponds, seven thematic gardens were created in order to introduce you to the different styles of gardening.
The parks are intended to look very natural. The intention is to make the walk attractive, to awaken the curiosity of the visitors.
The shadowy ring that defines the park is interrupted at several places to open up views on an outstanding tree, a particular point of view or on the castle in neo-baroque style.  After the wooden bridge, the hornbeamwalk is, as the name indicates, a long corridor lined with hornbeam.
This hedged area encloses and keeps the fragrances.
From April to November a great variety of species ( hostas, azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, fuchsias ...) give an ever changing scene.

  Play forms an essential part of the young child's development for it stimulates the physical exercise and the psychomotor development.
If you listen to the conversations or monologues of children at play, you will realize to what extent imagination and creativity are stirred up.
At Chevetogne, these areas were conceived with the aim of increasing the child's pleasure and of ensuring his/her safety.
*  The slides hill
*  The Bounty, a stranded boat
*  Feet and hands in the water
*  The spider's web

  Chevetogne is more than a holiday resort, it is also a nice place to discover nature.  As far as sports activities are concerned, recreational facilities (such as an open-air swimming pool, sports grounds, ...) have also been created in order to allow visitors to practise an individual or a team sport

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