The old city of Durbuy, 1331

A town in the heart of Europe

Nestled between the Ourthe River and a rocky hillside, the town of Durbuy opens its doors to all of Europe. The area attracts visitors from the Netherlands, Germany, France as well as Sweden and Japan. The town proudly exhibits its richness to its growing number of visitors from around the world.  Set in a remarkable natural environment, the location of the old town harmoniously blends in with the surrounding scenery. A stroll or carriage ride through its winding streets and alleyways allows one to fully experience Durbuy's charm.
Durbuy, situated within the borders of the Belgian Province of Luxembourg, played an important defensive role up until the 14th century, for its location was a strategic point as the frontier between two provinces. 

 The small town was protected by massive walls and a castle implanted on a rocky headland surrounded by the Ourthe River. This defensive front stretched all the way to the town of La Roche.

Durbuy was officially recognised as a city in 1331, not because of its size, but because it was a centre for commerce and law.

At the entrance of the town, past the old bridge over the Ourthe River, lies the Castle of the Counts of Ursel, erected in the 11th Century and rebuilt by the same family in the 17th Century on the ruins of the ancient feudal fortification.

The church of Saint Nicolas dating back to the 17th and 18th Centuries, with its baptismal font from the 16th Century, and the ancient Convent of the Récollets, are other impressive landmarks that can be visited.

The wheat market, with its timber-framed walls, stands out among a group of picturesque old houses. Already mentioned in the year 1380, it especially served as the seat of legal and administrative activities for the town. Dating from the 16th Century and modified in the 18th Century, the current building is being renovated.

Durbuy's historical centre and narrow cobblestone streets are most attractive.

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