The expotheme

New exhibition from 5th april to 2nd november 2003 located upstairs in "La Ferme"

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Find the answers to your questions
3 topics that provide the answers

1. Caves: archiving the history of our climate
2. Climate stories
3. What does tomorrow hold for our climate?

   How do caves tell us about climates in days gone by?

This first part describes the climatology work carried out in the underground laboratory at Han-sur-Lesse. This part is presented by a specialist guide.

  How did Hannibal manage to cross the Alps?
A film examines the contemporary history of mankind’s climate and tells the story of the emergence of post Ice-Age civilisation
  How will the greenhouse effect influence our climate?

This third part tackles the elements associated with long-term forecasting, including the highly topical "greenhouse effect".

 In conjunction with the Minister for Regional Development,
Town Planning and the Environment.